Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date, Time and where to Watch


Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date, Time and where to Watch


The eleventh episode of Chainsaw Man is scheduled to air on Tuesday, December 20 at 9:00 a.m. PT. The upcoming episode will air on TV Tokyo for Japanese consumers, whilst Crunchyroll will host it for foreign viewers. This is the worldwide airtime of the episode.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date and Time

Pacific Time
9 AM PT (Tuesday, December 20)
Central Time
11 AM CT (Tuesday, December 20)
Eastern Time
12 PM ET (Tuesday, December 20)
British Time
5 PM GMT (Tuesday, December 20)
European Time
6 PM CEST (Tuesday, December 20)
Indian Time
10:30 PM IST (Tuesday, December 20)
Filipino Time
1 AM PHT (Wednesday, December 21)
Japanese Time
2 AM JST (Wednesday, December 21)

Recent episodes of Chainsaw Man have kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Not to mention Aki’s meeting with the Future Devil, new villains were introduced, major characters were killed, Makima’s talents were explored, and there was also the introduction of new enemies. With only two episodes remaining in the season, viewers are wondering what will happen next.

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What Previously Occurred on Chainsaw Man

Since Aki is hospitalized, Denji and Power decide to pay him a visit. They respond that only Kobeni and Madoka from Division 4 have survived when Aki inquires as to who else survived.

Following Denji and Power’s departure, Aki asks the Curse Devil how much time he has left, to which the Curse Devil replies, “two years.” Denji hears Aki sobbing at Himeno’s death and wonders if he would be able to retrieve the comic book he left inside.

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Denji could not comprehend why he did not shed tears for Himeno, his very first buddy. He then considers if he would shed tears for Power if she died.

The scene then switches to Makima, who brings Denji and Power to Kishibe for their new training. He embraces them both and then smashes their bodies.

He claims to be the finest Devil Hunter and claims that any Devil who could kill him would be the most powerful and that he will teach them until they can defeat him. They initiate an attack, but Kisibe eliminates them many times.

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Kurose and Tendo approach Aki and inquire whether he still desires to serve as a Devil Hunter. Aki responds that he has yet to avenge his family and Himeno, hence he will remain a Devil Hunter.

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As Fox Devil is no longer his friend, they encourage him to at least create a contract with a new Devil for strength reasons. After they go, Aki is shocked to see a visitor arrive to see him.

After a day of intense training, Power and Denji want to use cheap methods to defeat Kishibe the next day. However, he recognizes their deception and kills them. He cancels the second day of training, claiming they came near to hurting him.

Aki, Kurose, and Tendo are observed in a location like a dungeon, and they inquire about the female who visited Aki. She confesses that she wanted him to leave the Public Safety Devil Organization after he revealed that she was Himeno’s sister. The episode concludes with Aki’s introduction to the Future Devil.

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