Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date


The End is Near: Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date and Spoilers

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date: After a few exciting chapters about the Falling Devil, the new chapters of Chainsaw Man have been more about talking and making dirty plans against Denji, making him feel like he can’t do anything. The last part was no different, and the setup for the next one looks like it will be the same.

Yoshida tells Denji what’s going on with Chainsaw Man and how people are fighting over him. He then told him that if he wanted to save Nayuta’s life, he couldn’t turn into Chainsaw Man again. But Denji was stubborn and chose to keep being Chainsaw Man and save Nayuta at the same time.

What Will Happen in the Next Chapter? (Speculative)

Now that it seems like the next story arc is going in a certain way, Yoshida will probably try to make a similar deal or threat with Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man chapter 134. Even though it’s not clear what this would be for, since having Denji not change has a clear goal and benefit, this kind of talk will probably happen anyway.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date

Considering how bad things are in Japan right now, Yoshida may even try to get Asa to fight with him against Chainsaw Man in Chainsaw Man chapter 134. Also, this could show that Yoshida is the Death Devil and that he knows Asa is the host of the War Devil Yoru.

This could lead to the two of them teaming up with Famine Devil Fami to fight Denji and Nayuta, which would set up the final fight of the Academy Saga.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date

Chainsaw Man chapter 134 is set to come out on Tuesday, June 27 at 8:00 AM PT. The new chapter will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus’s respective websites and Play Store apps. Here is when Chapter 134 will be available in different parts of the world.

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Standard Time 8 AM Tuesday, June 27
Eastern Standard Time 11 AM Tuesday, June 27
British Summer Time 4 PM Tuesday, June 27
Central European Summer Time 5 PM Tuesday, June 27
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM Tuesday, June 27
Philippine Standard Time 11 PM Tuesday, June 27
Japanese Standard Time 12 AM (midnight) Wednesday, June 28
Australia Central Standard Time 12:30 AM (midnight) Wednesday, June 28

Chainsaw Man Chapter 133 Recap

Chainsaw Man chapter 133 started with Denji and Hirofumi Yoshida watching Chainsaw Man fans and people who didn’t like the story fight at a protest. Yoshida told Denji what was going on, and Denji said it was nice to be fought over, especially when one of the groups fighting for him was the Chainsaw Man Society.

Yoshida then talks about how young people and leaders are now joining the Society and how Denji is no longer the only one who can control Chainsaw Man. In the same way, Yoshida and Public Safety ask Denji not to turn into Chainsaw Man again. If he does, they say they will kill Nayuta.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date

Denji doesn’t want to have to choose between the two, and in Chainsaw Man Chapter 133, Yoshida loses it because Denji can be so stupid. This is when Nayuta shows up, and even though Yoshida failed to convince Denji, the two are reconnected. He then leaves with Nayuta without telling Yoshida what he thinks, and the problem is quickly resolved.

Where Can I Read Chapter 134 of Chainsaw Man?

The manga can be read on Manga Plus and the website and app for Viz Media. If you want to read a hard copy of the comics, you can find them on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, among other places.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 is set to release on June 27 at 8:00 AM PT. The story revolves around Yoshida and Denji discussing the ongoing conflict over Chainsaw Man and the need for him to stop turning into the villain.

The upcoming chapter may involve Yoshida making a deal with Asa Mitaka, who is known as the Death Devil and is the host of the War Devil Yoru. The story also includes a recap of the Chainsaw Man Society and the fight between Denji and Nayuta.

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