Blue Lock Chapter 218 Release Date


Blue Lock Chapter 218: When Can We Expect the Release Date?

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Blue Lock, a popular manga and anime series from recent years, has been receiving a lot of attention. The anime was a watershed moment for the franchise, increasing both the show’s popularity and the amount of otaku who read the manga.

If you’re curious about how the reviews of the anime and manga series turned out, you may rest assured knowing that they were made by the renowned Muneyuki Kaneshiro.

The show has received largely positive reviews from critics, and the manga adaptation continues to improve. Everyone who’s been keeping up with the manga knows how well it’s been going, and the most recent chapters have really taken the series in a new direction.

The most recent chapters focus on Barou’s ascent through the professional ranks, and the Bastard Munchen, complete with Isagi, will inevitably take the field next.

Blue Lock Chapter 218 Release Date

Every week on Sundays, we get a new chapter because, as we all know, the manga series follows a schedule. But ever since the 216th chapter was out, it hasn’t been the case.

The 216th chapter of the manga series was released on April 23, 2023, and the 217th chapter was scheduled for release on April 30, 2023; however, neither chapter was released, and no announcements were made about the series’ continuation, leaving fans in a state of desperation.
Blue Lock Chapter 218 Release Date

This delay, however, is because of Japan’s golden week, and we should receive the 217th chapter on May 10 of the following year.

If everything goes according to plan and the timeline is kept, the 218th chapter will be released on May 14, 2023, instead of the 7th, as was originally planned. Even though the creators haven’t announced any further information about the chapters yet, this is the most likely date to be followed.

In Blue Lock, the Cast of Chapter 218

We still don’t know anything about the forthcoming chapter’s characters, though, because Chapter 217 hasn’t been released yet. However, things being what they are, all of Bastard München, including Isagi, will be there.

It’s possible that groups like the Manchin City and the Ubers will resume their activities as well. If the contest doesn’t end, though, Barou and Isagi will be back in play. At this time, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see Noel again.

Blue Lock Chapter 218: A Story

Since the leaks or spoilers, come out two or three days before the initial release, we don’t have any updates for the story of the 218 chapter. And yet, as we saw in the previous chapter, the match between the Ubers and the bastard München has been going on.

Blue Lock Chapter 218 Release Date

That means the same match will likely go on. The match has been going on for a while, and Barou’s persona has been well-explained, so we may also transition into a filler chapter thereafter.

Blue Lock Chapter 218: Where Can I Watch It?

The manga will, of course, be sold in print, but it may also be downloadable via a variety of anime-themed websites.

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Blue Lock, Chapter 217: A Recap

What happens to Isagi and his pals after they find out Barou’s ulterior motive is revealed in Blue Lock Chapter 217. The rapidity with which things happened meant that only a few people could recall the specifics of how the mission was completed. Both Isagi and Michael were witnesses to the unfolding drama, but neither had the means to intervene.

Bastard Munich faces a tough test against a club with a strong foundation. In the Munich area, many couples stay together for life and help each other achieve their goals. Bastard Munich is on the verge of their first loss since they can’t play any of their cards.

Raichi will feel like she has no value to the team and will spiral into a deep depression if they lose. Even though his role in the combat was relatively minimal, he nonetheless faced up against Lorenzo while he was present. Hiori might alter places for better play, but he still needs to be ready for anything.


Blue Lock, a popular manga and anime series, has received positive reviews from critics and the manga adaptation continues to improve. The 218th chapter is expected to be released on May 14, 2023, with all of Bastard München, including Isagi, returning.

The match between the Ubers and the bastard München is likely to continue, with Isagi and Michael witnessing the unfolding drama and Bastard Munich facing a tough test.

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