Blue Lock Chapter 20 Spoiler and Ending Explained


Blue Lock Chapter 20 Spoiler and Ending Explained


After suffering a humiliating setback in the previous round, Isagi’s squad confronts Rin’s team once more in the twentieth episode of ‘Blue Lock.’

While Rin’s squad now controls Bachira, Isagi’s team scores the game’s opening goal, giving their opponent a much-needed dose of reality.

Nevertheless, this just serves to inspire Isagi’s opponents, who scored two goals in succession to take the lead. As Nagi learns that he is the final piece to the jigsaw of beating Rin Itoshi, he turns his game around and begins to perform miracles on the field.

This is all you need to know about episode 20’s conclusion of “Blue Lock.” SPOILERS AHEAD!

Blue Lock Episode 20 Review and Recap

Shortly prior to the start of the game, Aryu and Chigiri are presented on the field and conclude that they would make an excellent pairing.

Blue Lock Chapter 20 Spoiler and Ending Explained

Nagi resolves to test his abilities against Rin Itoshi, and Isagi and Barou prepare to fight Bachira and Tokimitsu, respectively. Before the game begins, Rin’s squad is extremely certain of victory, but things quickly change. Bachira began the game with possession of the ball.

With his superb dribbling, Bachira was deftly approaching the goalpost. When two opponents encircled him, he attempted to throw the ball to Tokimitsu, but Isagi read the game so well that he intercepted the pass in midair.

He then proceeded to offer Nagi an excellent pass. But, Nagi knew that Rin Itoshi stood between him and the objective. Thus, he gave Chigiri a one-touch pass, who converted it into a goal.

Now, Isagi’s bunch of underdogs appeared incredibly formidable, but this just enthused their extraordinarily gifted opponents. Yet, the game quickly changed once more.

Jyubei’s extraordinary athleticism played a significant role and assisted Rin Itoshi in obtaining the ball. Then, the game quickly transformed as Rin’s trick shots fooled every player on team white. In the end, when only the goalie was left to defend the net, Rin scores an easy goal.

Once the resumption of play occurs with Isagi’s squad in possession of the ball, Chigiri plays a crucial part in the team’s advance.

Then Rin once again demonstrates his superiority by intercepting a great pass and passing the ball to Bachira. Now, Bachira instructs Jyubei to concentrate on the ball’s trajectory, meaning that he should utilize his height advantage and catch the ball well before it hits the ground. This is just what he does, scoring a spectacular goal with a header to put his team up 2-1.

Blue Lock Episode 20 Ending Explained: How Does Nagi Evolve His Game?

As Aryu Jyubei scores his team’s second goal with the help of Bachira, they ultimately take a one-goal lead against Isagi’s team white. Isagi is thrilled by the excitement of the competition, while Nagi feels left out.

Blue Lock Chapter 20 Spoiler and Ending Explained

He can see Rin and Isagi fighting to get an advantage for their respective sides, but he has been unable to accomplish anything noteworthy until now. He reflects on his adventure with Reo that brought him to Blue Lock and prepares to start the game with his team in possession of the ball.

Once the ball reaches Chigiri, Nagi observes Isagi scanning the field and positioning himself in the optimal position to receive the pass.

While he is unaware of how Rin and Isagi see the game, he believes that their comprehension is comparable and that their physical abilities have been the determining factor. Consequently, Nagi believes he can complete the puzzle and provide his team with the necessary advantage.

When he runs parallel to Chigiri on the pitch, members of team red fear and attempt to cover him. As Chigiri passes the ball, Nagi outwits everyone by allowing it to travel to Isagi instead of seizing it himself. Isagi recognizes that the conditions are ripe for a game-altering goal and instantly sends the ball to Nagi, who has covered a great deal of ground in the past few seconds.

Nonetheless, even in this case, Rin is able to instantly analyze the plan and respond. As Nagi observes Rin running at him, he understands just what he must do.

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When his opponent closes the gap, he instantly turns the ball and takes a direct shot at the goal. As a result of the goalkeeper’s slow reaction time, team white scores their second goal and much-needed equalizer.

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